Sam is for Samantha

AKA: Stat Girl Sammy

Teacher by day, avid sports fan by night. Sports have always been a huge part of my life, both watching them and playing them. I grew up playing soccer and basketball and I absolutely loved it. When my playing days ended, I found a new way to immerse myself in the sports I love through statistics. I’ve always loved Math because its concrete and not able to be argued. You’re either correct or you’re not correct, there isn’t a grey area in between, which led me to passion of statistics. It started with Baseball and using multiple stats to beat my father in a fantasy league. Long story short, I beat him and thus began my journey into women’s soccer statistics. I moved to Orlando to attend UCF, throughout my time in Florida I attended two USWNT team games and I was hooked, so when the Orlando Pride came into play I just couldn’t help myself, and I bought season tickets. Going into my third year as a season ticket holder, I’ve become known as Stat Girl Sammy because I don’t simply just watch the game, I analyze every shot, pass, cross, position and goal to determine if they will add up to either a win or a loss.