NWSL Announces 2018 Dispersal Draft Available Players


The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) announced the list of available players for the 2018 Dispersal Draft on Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 4 p.m. ET. No players have indicated their intent to opt-out of the Dispersal Draft. 

 2018 Dispersal Draft - Available Players

Contracted Players
Addo, Elizabeth (INTL - GHA) 
Andrews, Morgan
Chapman, Allysha (FED - CAN)
Dowd, Hayley
Dowie, Natasha (INTL - ENG)
Elby, Brooke
Frisbie, Amanda
King, Julie
Lavelle, Rose (FED - USA)
Leon, Adriana (INTL - CAN)
Okvist, Lotta (INTL- SWE)
Onomonu, Ifeoma
Oyster, Megan
Prudhomme, Sammy Jo
Salem, Angela
Smith, Abby
Stengel, Katie
Weimer, Tiffany
Westphal, Christen
White, Rosie (INTL - NZL)

2018 College Draft Picks
Boyles, Joanna
McCaskill, Savannah
Miller, Ashton
Wenger, Elizabeth 

Retired Players
DaCosta, Amanda
Elston, Lindsay
Engen, Whitney
Pathman, Mollie
Schillgard, Louise (INTL - SWE)
Simon, Kyah (INTL - AUS)

Discovery Players

Draft Rules

Assets available via draft include the following:

  • Players under contract with NWSL whose rights are assigned to Boston (including allocated players)
  • Players whose rights are controlled by Boston (including retired players)
  • Rights to players on Boston's Discovery List

The Dispersal Draft will last until all teams have passed or no players or other assets are available for selection.

  • Each team will have two (2) minutes to make its selection.
  • No time-outs will be permitted.
  • Teams may not make trades during the draft.
  • Teams are permitted to "pass" when it is their turn to make a selection. Once a team has passed on a selection, the team forfeits the remainder of its selections in the dispersal draft.

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