Orlando Pride Announces 2018 Preseason Roster


Orlando Pride announces its preseason opening day roster ahead of the 2018 National Women’s Soccer League season.

Orlando will be without six players at the beginning of preseason due to international duty, including Alex Morgan and Ashlyn Harris, who have been called up to the U.S. Women’s National Team ahead of the SheBelieves Cup. Recently signed midfielder Emily van Egmond and fellow Australian Alanna Kennedy, as well as Canadian defender Shelina Zadorsky, will be with their respective national teams for the opening weeks of preseason due to the 2018 Algarve Cup.

After the first week of preseason, Marta Vieira da Silva and Monica Hickmann Alves will join defender Poliana, who is currently in Brazil, for a camp with the Brazilian national team.

Joining the Pride for preseason will be 2018 NWSL College Draft pick Nadia Gomes and Bridget Callahan, a non-roster invitee from the University of Central Florida.

Camila Martins Pereira has reported to camp as the young Brazilian continues recovering from a right knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear and medial collateral ligament (MCL) sprain sustained on Sept. 30 last season.

The Pride will play in their first preseason match on Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. at Florida State University. The season opener for the 2018 season will be hosted at Orlando City Stadium on March 24, a 7:30 p.m. kickoff against expansion side Utah Royals FC. The complete 2018 schedule will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Tickets to the home opener will go on sale to the general public on Friday, Feb. 23, while season and group tickets are now available at orlando-pride.com/tickets or by calling (855) ORL-CITY.


  • Ashlyn Harris (FED-USA; NYR)
  • Haley Kopmeyer


  • Monica Hickmann Alves
  • Poliana Barbosa Medeiros (NYR)
  • Ali Krieger
  • Camila Martins Pereira
  • Carson Pickett
  • Toni Pressley
  • Shelina Zadorsky (FED-CAN; NYR)


  • Bridget Callahan (NRI)
  • Kristen Edmonds
  • Alanna Kennedy (NYR)
  • Christine Nairn
  • Emily van Egmond (NYR)
  • Dani Weatherholt


  • Danica Evans
  • Nadia Gomes (CDP)
  • Rachel Hill
  • Sydney Leroux
  • Alex Morgan (FED-USA, NYR)
  • Chioma Ubogagu
  • Marta Vieira da Silva

FED - 2018 Federation Player
CDP - 2018 NWSL College Draft pick
NRI - Non-Roster Invitee
NYR - Not Yet Reported to Camp

What to Feed Your Soccer Player Before the Big Game

Proper fuel prior to the big game can make an enormous difference in a soccer player’s performance on the field. Eating the wrong thing can negatively impact a player’s energy, mood, and fitness, so it’s crucial for players to eat nutritional foods before they enter the game. The professionals in Orlando Pride at QueensCast are here to share what foods to feed your player before a game to help them feel their best.

The body’s main source of energy comes from carbohydrates. However, it isn’t wise to cram your player full of copious amounts of carbs and sugars right before a game in hopes that it will raise their energy levels. This can actually have the opposite effect, and an increase in insulin levels can lead to lethargy and irritability. The best way to go about fueling their bodies is to have a mixture of complex and simple carbs over a longer period of time. Slow, steady fueling is the route to take, rather than shoving large quantities of carbs into them 60 minutes before the game gets underway. Check out this homemade juice that can fuel you from the beginning of the day to the end.

There are examples of some good carbs to feed your player to get ready for the game

  • Fruits such as bananas, oranges, and grapes are high in sugar and are a good option.
  • Snacks such as crackers or cookies are easily accessible and are a good filler.
  • Pasta, toast, breads, or pancakes are also good options to consider.
  • As far as drinks are concerned, sports drinks, strawberry or chocolate milk, and vegetable juice will all be sufficient in providing energy for your player.

Once players have eaten their primary meal, encourage them to snack often to keep their blood sugar from dipping and getting too low. This can result in the player feeling tired and as if they’ve “hit a wall.” Snacking the night before the game is beneficial, and it’s important for the player to listen to their bodies. If they feel hungry, it’s always best to eat something rather than nothing at all.

Stay away from feeding your player foods with a lot of fat or meats. Replace sodas with juices, and avoid 100% high grain foods with high fiber, low sugars, and low simple carbs.

By following these guidelines presented by the experts in Orlando Pride at QueensCast, your soccer player is guaranteed to feel and play their best in the game.