Youth Soccer: How to Cut Costs


If you have a child participating in organized soccer, you know that the cost can really add up, especially if they are on a traveling team. From hotels to the gas needed to travel, it is wise for parents to look for ways to save money. Here are some tips from QueensCast, supporters of the Orlando Pride team.

  • Buy Secondhand: While we do not recommend buying shoes second hand since shoes are vital to the support of the feet, you can look at other equipment you can buy reused such as shin guards and soccer bags. You can save some serious money if you know exactly what you need when you walk in the store.

  • Carpool: If your child is on a traveling competition team, you can really rack up a lot of miles driving them around, so why not carpool? Talk to some of the other parents and see who would be interested in hitting the road together with both families sharing the cost of gas.

  • Pack Snacks: Your child is going to get hungry, either before, during, or after practice, so it is imperative to always have a nice variety of healthy snacks to offer him or her. Think of easy on-the-go snacks such as bananas, clementines, string cheese, raisins, grapes, whole grain crackers, and Greek yogurt. Also, fresh vegetables such as carrots, celery, cut-up cucumber, and sugar snap peas with a small container of ranch dressing are always a kid-approved snack.

  • Save Money on Shoes: Like we said, do not buy your shoes used. But always be on the lookout for clearance on soccer shoes, especially at the end of soccer season. The higher-end sporting stores do offer remarkable discounts. Remember to buy them a couple of sizes larger than they are now so that they will fit in the future.

  • Resell Old Equipment: When your child outgrows their soccer gear, consider reselling! You can spread the word to others on your child’s team, and don’t forget about younger children not on the team, but in the same league. Play it Again Sports is also a place that will buy your gently used sports equipment to put some money back in your pocket.

As a soccer parent, it is important to always be thinking about ways you can save on your child’s participation in a soccer league, and we hope you can incorporate some of these tips. For even more things related to children and their love of soccer, please browse the QueensCast blog. Go Orlando Pride!