The Beauty of Prime Pantry


A new school year means a jam-packed schedule. Between taking care of the children, getting your own work done, and diving into a new season of Orlando soccer, it can be challenging to juggle it all — much less to squeeze in monotonous errands like grocery shopping! Take a look at how Prime Pantry can help make your life easier.

How Does Prime Pantry Work?

If you have Amazon Prime, you can shop for groceries and household products in everyday sizes. This way, you get exclusive savings on low-priced items that are delivered right to your door. Prime offers thousands of options to minimize your stress as your soccer player’s schedule gets busy! Choose from snacks, beverages, breakfast foods, beauty and personal care items, and more.

How Do I Use Prime Pantry?

Once you have Prime, Amazon supplies you with a virtual “pantry box” that you can fill up with items that are eligible for Prime Pantry. (Items will be labeled as such.) Note that each box has a weight limit of 45 pounds! Just add products to your cart, and Amazon will tell you how much more space you have in your box.

How Do I Check My Box?

Simply go to your cart to check the items that you’ve put into your pantry box. Your cart will show you what’s in your box, how much it costs, and how much space it takes up in your box.

When Will My Order Arrive?

All Prime Pantry boxes are shipped using ground shipping, so you can expect your order to arrive 1-4 days after purchasing.

Does It Cost Any Extra?

Prime members can pay an additional monthly fee to receive free shipping on all orders of $40 or more! You also have the option of paying a flat $7.99 shipping fee for each order placed. This shipping fee stays the same regardless of the amount of items or boxes you order.

Insider Tips

Keep in mind that most of the items offered through Prime Pantry are non-perishable. While this is a great option to order your soccer player more deodorant or some healthy snacks, stick to your local grocery or farmer’s market for fresh produce.

It’s also important to note that when you place an order with Prime, you’ll notice that you have an option to choose no-rush shipping. By doing so you’ll receive a credit to use on your next Prime Pantry order. Do this to work toward getting free shipping!

Imagine coming home from a crazy weekend of tournaments to find all your groceries waiting for you at your front door. Picture multitasking by shopping while you sit in the parking lot, waiting to pick up your child from practice. The convenience of Prime Pantry can’t be beat! As your Orlando soccer schedule gets busier and busier, consider trying Prime Pantry to make your daily life simple and stress-free.