Which Fitness Tracker is Right for You?


With fitness tracking devices rapidly rising in popularity, it’s hard to resist splurging on a high tech calorie counter. This trending health craze can be immensely helpful to Orlando women’s soccer players looking to track their progress, but it’s difficult to know which device is the right choice for specific goals. Check out some of these top-notch fitness trackers that are great for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.

Benefits of Wearing a Fitness Tracker

If you’re looking to commit to tracking your progress for the first time, it’s helpful to be able to see your calories and heart rate all in one place. One of the many perks of owning a fitness tracker is the opportunity to look inside your own body and learn exactly what happens when you practice or compete. Observing the relationship between how many calories you burn and intake isn’t just for people on weight loss missions — your performance can improve dramatically when you’re aware of how everything affects your body’s stamina and metabolism.  

MOOV NOW 3D Fitness Tracker and Real-Time Audio Coach

Monitor your heart rate and set target goals for what you want to accomplish with this waterproof wristband that soccer players love. Priced at $60, MOOV NOW will help you avoid the hassle of large or heavy heart rate monitors and stay lightweight and breathable on the field. The real-time audio coach included in the wristband detects heart rate and movement to encourage and guide athletes as they work out, serving as an extra trainer separate from team coaches.

Polar Wearable

Known as the US Women’s National Team’s go-to training tool, this wristband helps teammates work together to better understand speed goals during practice. It uses GPS to detect the intensity of movement in different areas. The feedback the Polar band gives players on impact and speed helps coaches determine different skill levels and create more pinpointed workouts based on what type of training will benefit them most.

Milestone Pod

This sneaker clip-in device is perfect for players whose coach doesn’t allow wristbands on the field. The milestone pod calculates stride length, leg swing, and ground contact to help you make the most of your time running. With the pod’s battery powered technology, you’ll never have to worry about charging on-the-go. Plus, it can be easily reattached to any shoe, so you can work on improving your performance every time you wear it.

Fitness trackers are a great addition to Orlando women’s soccer workout routines and can help you stay on track to reach your goals. Get the most out of your training and stay cramp-free while playing with more great tips from our blog!