3 Ways Youth Soccer Volunteer Coaches Can Get Get Parents Involved


It’s crucial to involve parents in youth soccer. They’re the ones making sure your players get to practice on time, encouraging them to stick with drills, and cheering on the team. Connecting with parents as a youth soccer coach doesn’t have to be hard! QueensCast has some easy tips to help parents feel like a part of the team.

Initiate Parent Meetings

At the beginning of every new season, organize a parent meeting. Compile all the emails, names, and numbers of families on the team and print out contact forms before the meeting. You should ask for at least one parent from each family to attend, but it’s even better if both can come! Gathering together at the beginning of the season helps foster a feeling of community between the parents, children, and coach. During this introductory meeting, discuss your goals for the season and ask parents to share their expectations as well. Leave time at the end for them to ask questions or raise concerns. Before everyone leaves, hand out the contact forms to keep everyone in the loop.

Start an Email List

Having all the parents in one email list is helpful not just for sending out alerts, but also for weekly updates. Get creative with it — feature a quote, inspiring story, or a player highlight! Talk about how the practices are going, what the players are focusing on each week, times of practices and games, and of course the important details like snack rotation schedules (yum!). You can also send parents links to soccer drills on YouTube or outline specific drills you’re working on to encourage them to practice with their child at home.

“Buddy System” Parents

Make sure each parent has another parent they can go to for simple questions! This is called the ‘buddy system.’ If everyone has a buddy, they can contact them for questions about cancelled practices, what time the game starts, and who’s supposed to bring the Gatorade. You have a lot on your plate, so implementing this system can save you a ton of time as well as build friendships between parents.

QueensCast knows youth soccer, and we know everyone involved plays an important role in shaping the players’ experiences. Soccer moms, soccer dads, and youth coaches — it’s time to work together to make this the best season yet!