Shooting the Game: Photography Tips for Your Phone


We all want the best possible picture of the game. But between the fast-paced action and your amateur photography skills, capturing the best picture can seem overwhelming. Luckily, you don’t need to go buy a fancy camera to get that shot — your phone’s camera is better than you think. Here are some tips and tricks for getting that perfect shot using just your smartphone.


Lighting is crucial for capturing action shots. The light in your environment determines your phone’s shutter speed, and that shutter speed determines how focused your image is. Generally, low light means an image will be blurry. Fast moving action requires a lot of light so that your camera can use a fast shutter speed to capture the movement in focus. Try to stay in well-lit areas (that means out of the shade!) and use an app like Manual to have control over your shutter speed.

Burst Shooting

Fast action means fast shots. The best way to ensure you get at least one good photo is to utilize burst shooting on your phone’s camera. Instead of tapping the shutter button when you take a photo, hold it down. This will take ten photos every second, allowing for multiple shots as your subject moves.

Follow the Action

Pan your camera along with the action. This will give you a better chance of framing your subject properly and less of a chance of cutting your subject’s head out of the frame.


HDR stands for high dynamic range. It will artificially enhance the dynamic range, or brightest light to darkest light, in a picture by combining bright, normal, and dark exposures. This can help bring out details that would have otherwise been missed.


Don’t rely on your camera’s autofocus! If you’re shooting a still subject in a motion-filled environment, you want to focus in on that subject specifically. Tap on the portion of the image you want to be highly in focus, and then shoot your picture.


Use unique angles to make your amateur photography look professional! Get close to the action and take some low shots that frame the player’s feet or the ball. Use a foreground object to frame the background action. Get creative with your angles; you never know what will pay off!

No one says every picture has to be perfect, so have some fun! Play around with your phone camera’s settings, different photography apps, and angles to see what gives you the best picture. Practice your new found skills at your kid’s next match or at your next Orlando City game!