QueensCast: Episode #88 — We believe “… there’s a certain healing power to sports.” She Believes that too.


New audio, late night QueensCast giggles and a lot of inspiring soccer has crafted this episode. What’s more fun than cutting a show in the middle of the night? Getting the fancy-pants new blinky-machine to work! We need a Priest, and rocket scientist and Rick Rubin! All that said, we’re going into the future … kicking and screaming.

With all that we got an amazing opportunity to embrace the world’s premiere soccer professionals at the beautiful game. It was a day that will long live in Queenscast history bringing not only its fare share of cheers (well not in the press box), but it’s share of tears. Now, let’s put our arms around each other and embrace the new future that is in front of us and shout #LETSSCORE