A Welcome to Newbie Soccer Moms

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Congratulations! Your kid made the soccer team. And although last weekend your family slept in, went to the beach, and ended Saturday with pizza and board games, things are about to change. Welcome to the wonderful world of soccer! It’s a new dawn for you, and the Orlando Women's Soccer gurus at Queenscast have all the knowledge you need.

Support Them

Talking to other parents is fun and helps you build your carpool network, and of course, you want to focus on snapping the perfect picture of your favorite soccer superstar. But focus on being present. Pay attention, ask the other parents questions if there’s a call you don’t understand, and spend time brushing up on the positions, terms, plays, and rules. Nothing is more exciting for your kid than when you can talk about what happened during their game or practice. We even made a little cheatsheet for you so you can keep up!

Train with Them

Through these soccer drills, you can not only be a soccer mom but a soccer player as well! Try to incorporate these drills into workouts for at least 30 minutes a day. You’ll help them improve their soccer skills at home, spend quality time together, and show you’re genuinely interested in their new hobby.

Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat

A more active lifestyle means a hungrier body. Soon enough, it’ll be time to switch up the family’s eating routine. A healthy diet will help your kid become a stronger soccer player.

  • Check out these snack ideas for rides to and from practices.

  • Slay the snack game before the big game with our mini guide.

  • A solid soccer diet consists of carbs, proteins, and fats...and don’t forget to hydrate, especially on days with practices or games.

Sleep is nature’s automatic performance enhancer. Make sure your soccer player winds down before bed by getting away from screens, finishing homework, and relaxing to get at least 6-8 hours of beauty rest.

Amidst all of this, make sure your soccer player has time to recover between sessions. Having adequate recovery techniques will help avoid injuries.

Plan Ahead

Wondering how other well-seasoned moms are doing it? We broke it down for you here. Pre-plan for travel, save parents’ and coaches’ contact information, and hold onto medical info in case of emergencies.

All of the Orlando’s Women’s Soccer experts here QueensCast would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of soccer. We hope you stick around as we dish out tips, tricks, news, and more.