Diary of a Soccer Dad

There you are on the sidelines, a soccer dad whose face is beet-red from cheering on his kid to run the fastest and kick the hardest. Where’s your minivan? Where are your waist-high jeans? What about your color-coordinated schedule organizing this week's matches and next week’s snack schedule? Unlike the suburban staple of the soccer mom, the soccer dad is free of cliche and stereotype, yet just as important. Take a look at how being a soccer dad helps your player grow both on and off the field.  

Sideline Screaming

Being a soccer dad can mean walking the line of being loud, excited, and supportive, and becoming the substitute ref. While support and encouragement are crucial in your child’s growth as a player, you don’t want to be the dad everyone can hear within a 2 mile radius. Keep your sideline screaming short, simple, and most importantly, positive. Share your tips the next time you’re kicking the ball around together at home. Your child will appreciate your expertise, as well as your consideration to not embarrass them by shouting corrections for all to hear.

After-Game Guru

When your kid is grown and reminiscing about their career as a soccer pro, their fondest memories can often be found in post-game rituals. After a sweaty game played in the Florida heat, nothing beats a cold ice cream cone or a stop for their favorite pizza. Use this time to review the game. Compliment them on awesome passes, amazing defense, or an unbelievable goal. If it feels like a good time, this can be a great opportunity to constructively - not critically - talk about how you can work on any weaknesses together.

Backyard Bonding

There’s no better time to work on improving your kid’s game like a post-dinner drill. Set aside time to build on the skills you discussed over yesterday’s pizza and ice cream. Work on improving your kid’s game for next week’s match. Not only will the practice help your kid on the field, they’ll love the extra time with dad. Make sure you keep it fun and let your kid take a turn feeling like the ‘coach,’ too; ask him or her to teach you their favorite tricks or drills.

Being a soccer dad may not be a pop culture stereotype, but it’s the ultimate show of support for your kid. For tips on Orlando Pride’s favorite drills, traveling for tournaments, the best snacks for after the game, and more, check out the QueensCast blog.