Soccer Fun Facts


How many calories does a soccer match burn? How many soccer fields would you have to run to reach a mile? How many hours was the longest match? Soccer has been around for centuries, and as the world’s most popular sport, almost 300 million people around the world play soccer — and even more watch. With all of that history comes plenty of interesting stories! Check out this list of soccer facts from your women’s soccer experts:

  • A soccer match can burn between 780 and 933 calories.

  • A soccer field is 120 yards long, or 360 feet, meaning players have to run back and forth on the field 14.5 times to run a mile.

  • Goalkeepers, even in their often static position, can still cover about 2.5 miles during a match.

  • Soccer players can run as many as 9.5 miles in a single game.

  • Since their role is to link the offense and defense, the midfielders run the most during a match.

  • Strikers spend the most time at a full sprint.

  • The longest soccer match ever played was between two English amateur football teams, the Bristol Academy and Leeds Badgers, and lasted for 36 hours.

  • The first soccer match was recorded on December 8, 1863.

  • Though the game as we know it today originated in England, there is evidence that soccer was played as early as 206 A.D. in China.

  • In 2011, 36 red cards were given out in a single match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas, making this the most red cards to ever be given in one match.

  • Just two seconds into a match, player Lee Todd was red carded, making it the fastest red card given in a game.

  • Soccer is watched by more people in the United States than elsewhere in the world.

  • The World Cup, held every four years, sees 32 teams across the globe compete to be the soccer champion of the world. This makes the World Cup the largest single-event sporting competition in the world.  

  • Did you know that America isn’t the only country that uses the term “soccer?” Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, and South Africa all use the term.

With a history spanning the globe, it’s no wonder that soccer has so many unique facts! To learn more about women’s soccer, how the game is played, or even the basic positions, take a look at our blog.