You Know You’re a Soccer Parent When...

A minivan and a well-packed bag of snacks are stereotypical signs of spotting a soccer parent, but we all know there’s more to this lifestyle! Take a look at where you land on the soccer parent scale with this quiz:

  1. Rain or shine, you’re always prepared with your special sidelines chair. (Bonus points if it reclines, has a canopy, or its own cup holder!)

  2. You get very excited when Gatorade goes on sale.

  3. You could practically live out of your car. Extra large umbrella? Check. Small outdoor tent? Check. Cooler full of snacks? Check.

  4. You chop orange slices like a pro.

  5. You’re always prepared with extra hair ties and tons of no-slip headbands.

  6. You’re a traveling first-aid kit. Band-aids? Gauze? Athletic tape? Advil? You have it all.

  7. There’s always a soccer ball pump in your car.

  8. Regardless of whether it’s grass, blood, or mud, you’re the king of stain-removal.

  9. You take snack duty very seriously, and your next two “shifts” are already set up as reminders on your phone.

  10. You have embarrassed your child with overzealous yelling, and they’ve begged you to keep quiet.

  11. Your vehicle has more than 5 seatbelts.

  12. You have hours of footage and millions of pictures of your child on the field.

  13. You’ve felt mortified watching a parent scream at a player on another team.

  14. You know all of your child’s team’s cheers — or maybe you came up with them yourself and taught them to the other parents.

  15. You have a permanent sunglasses tan line.

  16. No matter how often you clean, there’s always turf and mud at your doorway.

  17. You’ve lost your voice more than once from screaming during games.

  18. You own an overwhelming amount of bug spray and sunscreen.

  19. At some point or another, you coached your child’s team.

  20. You’re the queen of carpool orchestration.

  21. You’ve accidentally cheered on the opposing team or gave a victory cry at a bad call only to have other parents stare at you in confusion.

  22. There are multiple weather apps on your phone and you check them constantly, especially on game day.

  23. You’re not proud of it, but you’ve argued with the coach or referee — or, at the very least, your spouse or friend next to you stopped you from doing so.

  24. You have water bottles everywhere, and you honestly can’t remember how you ended up with so many.

  25. Saturdays? What are Saturdays?

  26. Your car is constantly covered in grass.

  27. Even with your abundance of sunscreen, you’ve gotten sunburned at a game more than once.

  28. The first time you saw your child in their little cleats and high socks, you just had to take a picture; it was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

  29. Your laundry room always smells like shin guards.

  30. Secretly, you feel like an expert on all things soccer — even if you know you’re not.

Less than 10:
Odds are, you’re either a new soccer parent or just a very lucky one whose car is always clean, who always stays calm at games, and who has not experienced the infamous shin guard stink. Congratulations!

Between 10 and 20:
You might not be the carpool queen or the stain removal king, but you love your child, and you love cheering them on at their games. They’re lucky to have you supporting them!

More than 20:
You are essentially a professional soccer parent. Please share your orange-slicing, carpool-coordinating, ankle-taping secrets.

Whether you’re a youth soccer mom, dad, or just new to the sport, the experts at QueensCast have got you covered. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog so you never miss anything exciting in the world of soccer!