Dear Soccer Moms...


Dear QueensCast Soccer Moms,

2018. Is. Here. How did winter break end so fast? It feels like the last game was two days ago rather than two months. How could we possibly be gearing up for the spring season already? Well, we’re one and the same. And we need to band together to survive another year of practices, scrimmages, and tournaments.

For those of you just starting out, buckle up and grab your glass of wine, because you need to prepare for battle. Start by reading up on your resources: basic soccer moves, the positions, the things to scream when your kid does something, etc.

If you already know all that, let’s focus on what’s important: your sanity. As a seasoned soccer mom veteran, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve that are crucial to surviving the season with your head attached.

Packing Your Supply Kit

We both know you don’t want to camp out on the bleachers all season. Invest into a folding chair that’s comfy, cute, and maybe even has built-in shade (you’ll appreciate that, trust me). Get a designated field blanket and bring it for ground play or warmth during a cold weekend. Bug spray and sunscreen are a must for you, your player, and your littles. Don’t forget it. And lastly, snacks. You can never have enough!

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Always stash a couple entertaining toys in the trunk of your car. These are the secret weapons to keep the little ones from making you their newest playground and causing you to miss a goal. But what about you? If you know you’re one to doze off during drills or when the coach puts your kid on the bench, you need THIS. A hilarious coloring book for stress relief and relaxation! With this and an upbeat Spotify playlist, you’ll be armed and ready.

What’s the Plan?

You know this question is coming. From your husband, from your kids—it’s coming. Grab a cheap pocket planner and make it your soccer season Bible. Plan out weekend travel for tournaments, practice schedules, days when you’re in charge of the team snack, dinner for late practice nights, and the carpool schedule. Pro tip: Write down the names of the kids on the team (and their parents) for quick reference.

Alright, ladies. We’re in this together. Need more help? Our arsenal of blogs from women’s soccer experts is here for your reference at any time. Best of luck as the season begins! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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