Drills to Improve Your Soccer Performance


While scrimmages may be the best part of practices, scrimmages alone don’t make you a better player. By committing to training on off days with these drills from women’s soccer experts, QueensCast, you can emphasize technical development and advance your gameplay.

First Touch

Throw or kick the ball against a wall at various angles, then bring it under control using both feet, thighs, chest, or even your head.

Practice juggling by dropping the ball, kicking it up once, and letting it bounce before kicking it up again. As you become comfortable, kick it up with each foot before it bounces. Challenge yourself to juggle 10 times.

Tight Ball Control

Try Happy Feet, a drill where you use the inside touch to move the ball between your feet. Work on increasing your speed and looking straight ahead; aim to do this without looking downward.

The second drill, Sole Rolls, focuses on sole touch. Use the sole of one foot and roll the ball from the outside across your body, then back with the same sole. Continually hop on your standing foot.

Finally, try a V-Roll. Start with the top of one foot on the ball and pull it back toward you. Kick it in the other direction with the inside of the same foot, then turn and stop it with the top of the other foot before pulling back, then repeat. This trains you to pull the ball away from the other team only to surprise them by exploding in the other direction.


For a Figure 8, set up 2 cones 4-5 yards apart. Dribble through them at 60-second intervals, keeping your knees bent and your body leaning the opposite way. Turn tightly, keep the ball close to your feet, and your head up. Challenge yourself by only using your inside or outside foot, or only your non-dominant foot.

Stamina, Strength and Agility

To build stamina, start with Stair Stepping. Jump from one foot to the other, only letting one touch the ball at a time. Concentrate on keeping the ball steady. Interval training and jump roping builds stamina, and stretch daily for agility.

Strength training is crucial, and circuit style is best. Strengthen hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, and glutes with lunges, reverse lunges, lateral leg raises, sumo squats, and step-ups. Don’t overlook your chest, back, arms, and shoulders. Core training is essential. Try planks, V-ups, and leg raises. For a challenge, perform single leg V-ups on a Bosu ball, or hold a pre-weighted barbell during leg raises.

The end of practice doesn’t signify the end of training. By incorporating these drills from women’s soccer experts, QueensCast, into your individual practice time, you can hone your skills and take your game to the next level.