The Game of Soccer: League or No League?

Is your child not quite ready to play sports? Or are they just not interested in a league? That doesn’t mean soccer is completely off the table. There are many ways to enjoy the game of soccer without the competition, without winning or losing, and without the team atmosphere. Sometimes, all you truly need is a couple of friends, a big yard, and a sunny afternoon. The experts in Orlando women’s soccer are here to give you tips and tricks to enjoying soccer without the league. Read on to learn more.

You may be wondering, “Well, how do you play soccer without being in a competitive league?” There are many games out there that are less about making goal after goal, and more about having fun and enjoying the sport as a whole. If you’re still wondering how here are some games that your child can play that don’t require a strict uniform:

5, 5, 3
This game is quite simple and only requires two or more people, but of course, you get to choose the amount. This game is all about shooting for the goal without keeping score. One or more people stand on different sides of the pitch with one other person in the net. You have five chances to make a goal from 10 yards outside the yard box, you then have another chance to make five goals from just outside the yard box, and finally, you have three chances to hit from the PK spot. The goal, no pun intended, is to alternate players inside and outside the net. This is a great way to keep kids active, even if organized sports aren’t their thing.

Around the World
Another classic goal scoring game, just for fun, is just as easy to understand. You line up six to 10 balls around the yard box, or anywhere you feel comfortable on the pitch. Then, as fast as you can, you kick each ball and see how many goals you make. You can switch off each time, and it’s important to keep in mind, this is all for fun! This game is great for kids who may not be ready for sports yet, but are interested in training and learning the game for when they get a little older.

Three Post
The basic premise of this fun game is to hit three posts. There’s a left post, a right post, and, of course, a crossbar. You then shoot from the outside of the yard box or closer, depending on difficulty level. You can either take turns or one person can go until all three posts are hit and then switch. If you hit the part where the post connects with the crossbar, that's two slick! Keep in mind, the ball can hit the posts either in the air or along the ground. This game is great for kids who are wanting to test their accuracy, skill, or nerves.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy the game of soccer, and they don’t always include a league. Whether you’re not ready for sports, or maybe just aren’t into them, these games don’t discriminate! They’re all about having fun, enjoying life, and living an active lifestyle, perfect for any kid, their friends, or an adult. The experts in Orlando women’s soccer believe soccer is for everyone, not just the pros. If you want to read more about the great game of soccer, you can visit our blog!