How Do I Help My Child Improve At Soccer?


Parents always ask one question: “How can I help my child improve their skills?” When it comes to soccer, there a few guidelines we must go over. It’s important to realize the difference between hard work and skills. Sometimes, they coincide and work perfectly together and sometimes, that’s not the case. Simply because your child is not the best on the field, it does not mean they lack the skills. Maybe they’re lacking motivation, support, or the correct mindset. The Orlando women’s soccer experts are here to tell you how you can help your child become the star of the team, or at least enjoy their time playing the best sport in the world: soccer.


If your child seems lackadaisical on the soccer field, maybe it’s time you take into consideration the impact that you may be having off the field. It’s imperative for kids to feel motivated and to have pride in their ability to play the game. Practicing for an hour, two days a week with their team is not going to help them reach their goal in the long run. Try spending time on the weekends or after school practicing in your backyard or at the local park. Whether you play goalie while they practice their kicks, or they practice goalie while you try to reach the net, practicing with your child will help foster that motivation and that bond that every child wants from their parents.


Along with motivation, every kid needs to feel supported by their parents. Soccer may not be your favorite interest, but it’s beneficial for your child to feel that you enjoy their sport just as much as they do. Ask yourself: “Am I reinforcing the idea of soccer?” “Am I showing my soccer player just how much I love soccer?” If the answer if no, it may be beneficial to invest some time in becoming a soccer fanatic! Spend the weekend going to Orlando Pride or Orlando City games with your child! Watch soccer on the TV when you can’t make it out to a game. Supporting your child’s love for the game is easy; it takes only a small amount of effort to see your child quickly become the star you’ve always wanted them to be!


There is a distinct difference in your child having the skills to be a great soccer player and lacking the correct mindset to become one. Encouraging your child to love the sport, to work hard, and to never give up will give your child the perseverance they need to rock the field. Reward your child for every goal they make, every awesome play they follow, or for putting in the extra time to practice, learn, and love the sport. These little rewards will add up in your child’s mind and will keep them in the mindset that it’s not all about winning or being the best, but that it’s all about trying your best and having a passion for soccer.

Overall, investing in your child is what will help them improve their skills in the game of soccer. Reinforce practice, hard work, and the genuine love of the game if you want to witness your child take the field by storm. The Orlando women’s soccer experts are here to give you tips and tricks to raising the perfect soccer star and the most dedicated soccer fans. Read our blog to learn more!