Things Every Soccer Parent Says

You may be wondering what the difference is between soccer and any other sport. While the answer may lie in the uniforms, the rules, or the regulations, we know one thing that makes soccer stand out in the minds of everyone: the fans. Whether it’s the major league or the youth soccer club, we know soccer fans are the most passionate. The experts at Orlando women’s soccer are here to give you a know-it-all list to what every soccer parent says on and off the field.

For starters, we know nothing gets parents riled up more than watching their child run across the field. Not to mention when their kid makes the winning goal or gets a bad call from the ref. We all know the “PASS THE BALL,” parent, and we’re very familiar with the “ARE YOU KIDDING, REF?! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE,” parent. We know they’re only doing it for the kids, but we at QueensCast also know that the most yellow and red cards are thrown at the parents, not the players.

If you don’t believe soccer is a way of life, or possibly even a sport that takes over your life, you’re simply wrong. Ask any soccer parent to go on a trip this weekend, and their first response will be, “I don’t go out kids play soccer.” Say goodbye to weekend beach trips, or the even Saturday date nights, because once your child enters the world of soccer, it’s RIP to the old ways; you have now entered soccer parent status.

The passion and the pride that soccer parents show is unlike any other sport. Although everyone has their, “are you even aiming for the goal?” moment or the, “what are you doing?! They’re wide open,” sigh of despair, there’s no denying the pride and passion that soccer moms and dads show by jumping up and down on the sidelines screaming, “THAT’S MY KID!!” at the top of their lungs. Soccer parents are the greatest motivators and their kid’s biggest fans. The experts at QueensCast truly believe behind every Orlando women’s soccer star lies their talent, and their mom and dad.