New to Soccer? Here’s the Must-Know Slang

Whether you are a new soccer player or a new fan of the Pride, Orlando’s women’s soccer team, you’ve got to be prepared to talk the talk! Sometimes soccer can seem like a whole different language, so we’ve compiled a list of all the must-know slang terms. With this information, you’ll be able to converse with other fans and excel at the game you’ve grown to love.

  1. Marking: If the other team has the ball, a player may cover an opposing player in order to steal the ball when the time comes. This is called marking.
  2. Pitch: Nope! We haven’t transitioned to baseball. The pitch is also the soccer field. The term “pitch” is mostly used in British English, but its use has transferred over to the United States.
  3. Clean Sheet: When a goalkeeper doesn’t let the other team score, the goalkeeper’s team has a “clean sheet.”
  4. Header: When a player uses their head to hit the ball, it’s called a header. Don’t forget: there is a safe way to head the ball! This is especially true for youth players.
  5. Getting Booked: This is a term used when a referee gives a player a yellow card. The ref usually writes down the name of the player where he or she is keeping track of who has been “booked” during the game.
  6. Hospital Ball: Did that pass look like if could have sent that player to the hospital? Then, it was a hospital ball. These occur when someone passes the ball in a way that leaves their teammate vulnerable to tackling or injury.
  7. Golden Goal: We’ve all seen those nail-biter games that result in overtime. When a team finally scores, it is referred to as the golden goal.
  8. Between the Sticks: This term also related to scoring. If a ball goes between the sticks, a goal has been scored. The sticks can be thought of as the goal posts.
  9. Hooligan: This is one that you might guess; a hooligan is a player or fan who tends to be aggressive and over the top. This isn’t a nickname you want to earn.

With these slang terms, you’ll be ready to step on the pitch with a clean sheet and and mark your way all the way to a score between the sticks! For more helpful insights from the Orlando women’s soccer experts, keep reading our blog.