Calling All Soccer Moms: How to Take the Perfect Picture!


I know what you’re thinking. What’s better than being the soccer star? The answer is being able to take the perfect picture of one. While we all can’t be the player running up and down the field with our ponytail swaying in the wind, it would be a crime not to take the proactive steps to get the perfect snapshot of the team, especially if the star happens to be your child. The Orlando women’s soccer experts at QueensCast are here to give you all the right pointers to make sure your soccer star’s pictures are the best on the team. Here’s how:

1. Stay Prepared

One of the most important things to keep in mind when crafting the perfect image is to always stay prepared. This means you must ask yourself these key things: do you have a camera? Do you have a memory card? Do you have space for the millions of pictures you will inevitably take, and then decide to delete them all for the four that came out okay? Once you have all of these things in order, it’s time to hit the field.

2.  Be Candid

It’s now time to enter stage two of crafting the perfect picture, and that’s getting into the right mindset. Now, while your child will be focused on winning, scoring, and helping her team, you must be set on taking the picture at the exact moment her ponytail sways just the right amount. There’s no posing in soccer, so forget the smiles and the hands on the hip. Go right for the chest bumps, the team huddles, and the cute puppy on the sidelines.

3.  Keep Moving

The days of sitting in your lawn chair during the game are over, unfortunately. We know you have a lot on your plate already, moms, but we believe in you! It’s time to get moving up and down that field. Now, while it’s important to not get kicked out off the field, it’s equally as important to get as close as you can! We’re talking goal shots and low angle shots of your soccer star’s feet hitting the ball with full force. Be all over the field, but as previously stated, do not get kicked off the field.

4.  Think Action

The last step to attaining the perfect shot is to think action. While you’re moving around, laying on the ground, and trying to get that perfect image, you have to be thinking one thing: is my shutter speed fast enough? From the nicest camera to your iPhone, shutter speed should be quick enough to get those pictures of the perfect kick, the perfect goal, and of course, the ultimate chest bump.

Overall, there are simple ways to get the perfect shot from the soccer field. The Orlando women’s soccer experts are here to help you hone in on the one key item that’s necessary to get the perfect shot; keep your eye on the prize: your soccer star.