New to Soccer? Join a Supporters Group

Maybe you are a new fan to soccer a whole, or maybe you’ve recently moved to the Orlando area. No matter your reasoning for becoming a fan of the Orlando Pride, there are many ways to show your excitement and support. One of the best ways to become involved in the Orlando Pride community is through supporter groups. Today, we take a look at the various benefits of joining a supporters group.

What is a Supporters Group?

The Orlando Pride, Orlando’s National Women’s Soccer League team, designated recognized supporters groups. These groups support the Orlando Pride family in a variety of ways: attending games, hosting social events, managing fundraisers, and more. Joining a supporters group means that you are joining a community of individuals with whom you can share your enthusiasm and passion for Orlando Pride.

What’s the Leading Orlando Pride Supporters Group?

In 2016, the Orlando Pride announced the very first recognized supporters club, The Crown. The group works to support and promote the Orlando Pride. Each game day, The Crown can be seen cheering and supporting the Orlando Pride family. You can identify members of The Crown by their membership scarf.

Why Should I Join?

Everyone has different reasons for joining supporter groups. First of all, it is an exciting way to show love towards your favorite team. Being surrounded by like-minded fans and participating in the Orlando Pride culture is exhilarating! The Crown also hosts social events, so this is especially beneficial if you are new to the area or are looking to meet some new people. If you are interested in joining, 2017 membership is still available in The Crown!

Are There Any Other Groups I Should Look At?

If you are also an Orlando City fan, the Iron Lion Firm and the Ruckus are both recognized supporter groups! Each has different benefits, so look into which group would fit you and your interests the best.

Supporter groups are excellent ways to get involved and show support for the Orlando Pride. We’d love to know which supporter group you are part of and why! Use the share button at the end of this blog to share this post along with a shout out to your favorite supporter group! Continue reading our blog for more helpful tips and insights.