8 Points that Need to be on Your Pregame Routine

A solid pregame routine ensures a positive mindset for a player to perform at their best throughout the entire game. Both physical and mental preparation are necessary for a player to feel their strongest. There are certain guidelines to follow when perfecting a pregame ritual, along with some things you should avoid doing. The experts in Orlando Pride at QueensCast are here to provide some helpful points to consider when preparing for the big game.

Go to sleep early the night before the game. Getting adequate sleep and rest is incredibly important.

Get all equipment, clothing, snacks, and whatever else you may need ready the night before game day. You don’t want to be scrambling the morning of to get everything organized only to get halfway to the game in the car and realize for forgot something.

Monitor your diet. What you choose to eat and drink the night before and the morning of the game can significantly affect your energy and performance on the field.

Avoid fried foods before a game as these can deplete energy levels and cause lethargy. Fried foods will also ruin fitness levels, especially over time.

Hydrate. Drink plenty of water to give your body the fluids and fuel it needs.

Prepare a pregame playlist that gets you pumped up and energized.

Your pregame meal should be high in carbs and starches. Stick to pastas, bread, rice, and potatoes. Avoid salty snacks right before the game.

Mentally, prepare your mind and body to trust in the skills you have acquired and those you excel in. Go over any game plans in your head in a quiet, uninterrupted space prior to gameplay. This will help you remain focused and centered without any distractions. Constantly thinking about confidence will result in you exuding it during the game.

Having a pregame plan and routine will help you to play at your best and feel good. When players don’t follow a pregame routine and deviate from what they know is best, they tend to play worse games and allow for more mistakes. Use these helpful tips from the professionals in Orlando Pride at QueensCast to create a professional pregame routine that you can rely on before each game you play.