Five Unique At-Home Soccer Drills for Athletes of All Ages

After a team practice, players may want to continue practicing at home. Extra practice is always encouraged, but when a player is alone, most drills aren’t available. Often, drills require at least one other player, but don’t let this keep you from practicing. There are still multiple ways to practice solo, and Orlando Pride’s biggest fans at QueensCast are here to outline a few unique at-home drills.

The Cruyff Turn

As shown in this video, this turn is great for getting away from defenders, and it can be practiced in your own backyard. It is great for players to have a few turns that they can rely on, and these can be practiced without other players in a limited amount of space.


It may seem impossible to perform passing drills without the help of another player, but an individual can practice if they have a wall available. With an outside wall, a player can practice kicks against the wall and receiving as the balls bounce back.


Dribbling and ball handling can easily be practiced at home. For younger players, it can be especially helpful to just practice running the soccer ball back and forth, and cones can be added to complicate the drill. A player can practice weaving between multiple cones or making tight turns around just one or two placed far away.


You won’t see juggling on the field, but by learning to juggle, players grow skills that are necessary on the field. With this drill, players learn to focus and how to use different parts of their feet. These skills can be taken on the field and applied to many other aspects of soccer.

Grounding the Ball

This video shows more drills you can do at home with one of them being grounding the ball. When the ball is airborne, it’s good to know how to bring that ball back to the ground. For this drill, all you need to do to practice is by throwing the ball into their air then using for feet and body to bring it back down.

Practice is the only way to improve your skills, so finding a way to run these drills at home will give you the opportunity to improve. Practice whenever you can and follow the QueensCast blog for more practice drills, and one day you may be practicing with the greats like those found in the Orlando Pride.