Soccer Juggling Drills for Better Ball Control

You may think soccer juggling is just a fancy trick for showing off, but don’t underestimate this “trick.” Soccer juggling is an ability that transfers onto the field, improving your overall game. By learning how to keep the ball in the air continuously with just your feet, you are teaching yourself greater ball control and, most of all, focus. Without focus or skilled touches, juggling wouldn’t happen and neither would mastery in soccer games. Juggling the ball, especially to beginners, may seem to be an impossible goal, yet with practice, this skill can be learned in time. Orlando’s soccer podcast, QueensCast, can help with these excellent drills to keep the ball in the air. Here are some drills we will cover today.

Alternate Feet

To do this drill, you must keep a pattern of alternating with foot touches on the ball. Your touches must be specific so you can touch left-right-left without having to deviate from the pattern to save a kick that has veered too far left when your right foot is the one that needs to catch it. Practice keeping as close to this pattern as possible to train both feet simultaneously, and add a knee if you see the need.

Same Foot

Now, you can juggle with both feet and you know where the ball needs to land so that the next foot can catch it, so step it up and limit yourself to one foot. Things get tighter when it is only one foot keeping the ball in the air. This drill will have you learning how to employ different areas of one foot to achieve the same result as when you were working with two.


Finally, it’s time to combine the alternating drill with the one-foot drills. The ladder has a simple pattern that gets harder as you go. For example, touch once on your right foot, then once on our left. Then, touch twice on your right foot, then twice on your left. Keep that pattern going. You still alternate your feet, and, as you juggle longer, you are forced to keep the ball on one foot for more and more touches before the switch. This drill also takes extra focus since you need to keep count, know which foot your on, and keep the ball aloft.

If soccer juggling seems impossible at first, push on! Don’t forget that it takes time and practice, so make sure to keep a regular practice schedule and try, try again. Once you get to a point where juggling seems easy, you can be sure to see an increase in confidence and ball control on the field. So, be a showoff and learn how to ball-juggle. Then, surprise them all when you and your team win the game because of your practice. Listen to QueensCast’s Orlando soccer podcast for soccer tips and tricks.