QueensCast's GEARED UP: THE SCOOP on MEN's vs WOMEN's Cleats

Let's hit the highlights:

  • Women tend to have slimmer feet with narrower heels. 
  • They also tend to taper more sharply to the heel and have higher longer arches.
  • Beyond the feet women also generally have wider hips and a wider angle from hip to knee that requires MORE & SOFTER support in the mid sole.

Finding a boot that accommodates these needs will result in a better fit, and a better fit enables better agility, stability and fewer injuries.

As with any piece of gear, personal fit and comfort should be the determining factors...whether it's women's or men's cleats. Soccer cleats come in so many variations and sizes! So whether you have wide feet, narrow feet, large or small there is a boot out there for you! 

Stop by United World Soccer Florida Mall to check out their large assortment of soccer cleats. Try on a couple different brands to find the one that's made for you.

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