Amp Your Team up with a Great Pre-Game Talk


What to say and how to say it is crucial right before the big game. Having a positive, motivational speech to encourage players right before they step out onto the field can be the difference between good and bad performance during a game. It’s crucial that players be in the best possible state of mind before games, but how is that achievable? How does a coach empower players and get past their nerves and adrenaline? The experts in Orlando Pride at QueensCast share some helpful guidelines to follow when making a pre-game speech.

Less is More

Contrary to popular belief, coaches who overdo it in their talks before a game can have a negative impact on players. Commonly, coaches believe in riling up players in major ways, often giving dramatized speeches and overwhelming the players. Also, it isn’t beneficial to go over every single play and potential situation because this will only confuse players who may already be over thinking. Players will tune out coaches who are spewing too much garbled information and possible scenarios. So, without creating too much energy, there are ways to still have a productive pre-game talk that will be effective, and your players will thank you.


Expanding upon what was mentioned previously, keep the talk short and sweet. Simplicity is key because, in reality, you will likely only have the player’s attention for a few minutes or even seconds. Keep strategies or thoughts limited to one or two during the talk so that players can actively focus on these without forgetting them or not listening. Take a cue from The Mighty Ducks and the singular message that, “ducks fly together.”

The coach should have their main point prepared far in advance of the game so that they don’t make it up as they go along which can lead to further confusion. Also, coaches who are overly excited and pumped up will only add to player’s nerves, so make sure to be calm when addressing the team. Finally, address the team’s strengths rather than bringing morale down with their weaknesses. Avoid negativity, and this will give the team a necessary confidence boost and allow them to really hone in on the skills they excel in. Constructive criticism should only be used during gameplay.

By following these rules for a strong pre-game talk, players will perform better on the field. Avoid excessiveness, and really highlight the assets of your team. Check out some of these pregame speeches that will get you pumped to plan your talk! The pros in Orlando Pride at QueensCast encourage you to take this advice into account when preparing for your next successful pre-game talk. When all else fails, keep your composure.