Improve Your Soccer Shooting with These Four Drills

To become a great shooter, players must master a range of skills from the accuracy of the shot to the readiness to take it. All of these necessary skills take practice, so the Orlando Pride fans at QueensCast have arranged this group of drills to help you score those goals!


This drill is fairly straightforward with a couple of passes before the player attempts to score. In this drill, the only thing standing in the way of the shooter is the goalie with no defenders for the players to contend with. This gives the player a chance to practice kicking into the goal to improve their accuracy, so they can have a better chance of making the shot when the opportunity arises in the game.

Quick Thinking

In this drill, the striker must be aware of his surroundings and won’t be aware of where the ball will come from next. Upon receiving the ball the player must act fast and shoot for the goal. This exercise forces the striker to think fast to make a quick turnaround from receiving the ball to shooting it. This skill is important because in a game, a player will only have a short window to shoot the ball and they must be able to think quick on their feet to take advantage of the opportunity and score.


In this drill, players practice extensively with the goal to build up a familiarity with shooting. Sometimes the area around the goal can seem intimidating, so this drill ensures that all players get ample practice with the goal. This drill also applies quick thinking and accuracy as the players must be ready to shoot twice in rapid succession. With this extra practice, players will feel ready to seize the moment and score.


By using this drill of crossing and finishing, these players are able to practice creating the opportunities to score. They must know how to pass and deal with defenders to create the space and time to be able to score. Using creativity is how shoots are set up because sometimes it's not just about seizing an opportunity to score but creating one.

These are just a few examples of drills used to practice shooting. Whatever drills you choose, just make sure that they are exercising an important component of shooting to make strong strikers out of all of your players like the Orlando Pride players. Follow QueensCast to learn more about soccer and to find more drills to practice with.