The Crown: The Heartbeat of the Supporters

Drumlines in sports are nothing new. 

Fight songs, in sports are nothing new. 

The marriage of these elements are part of most large sporting event, even if it’s piped in or pulled from a disc of “80’s ANTHEM SONGS!” from the Time Life Collection … Never mind, you probably weren’t even born. 

Drumlines play a distinctive part of our History. Since the USL days of the Orlando Ruckus and Iron Lion Firm we have marched to our own drums (pun intended). We bring the power of the fans and walk it right into the building. We, for lack of a better phrase ‘kick start the heart’ of the house.

“The life of a Crown member can be hectic at times. They are responsible for the tifos, the two poles, theres, and waving the flags. A member must be ready to jump, sing, and yell 110 percent for the entire 90 minutes. The feeling is that if the Pride can run for 90 minutes, so can the Crown. Being a member does not mean you have to be a crazed, diehard fan, being a member means you support the Pride and Orlando as a community. It is more than a group, it is a family.”
— George Barret

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All that said, drumlines in soccer are the heart of the supporter’s section. It literally beats and pumps passion to all the various appendages that make it up. Not only do we act on behalf of The Pride’s Crown but we’re the shot of adrenaline that every crowd needs when our players or fans are falling into a rut.

The Drumline generally consists of bass, snare, and tenor drums, as well as the passionate supporters that play them for 90+ solid minutes without stopping.  Preparing for the season takes an enormous amount of time and practice to ensure that the beat is ALWAYS on point, and that the chants sound amazing. 

Our supporters put forth crazy energy every single game.  The heartbeat of that energy can be found smack dab in the middle of the Wall. We want you to play a part in our sound. Join us! 

Introducing… the Crown Drumline.

As the sound of the Wall roars through our new stadium, there is no doubt that the drums and the capos will be leading the way! Let us pump the blood, we are your heart, we are your love, we are your Crown!