QueensCast Top Ten: Shh! Don't tell the nutritionist...

Playing soccer is a full time job! You've got to put in work, not just on the field, but off the field too.  Luckily, most have a good support system to do so.  People like parents, coaches, and nutritionists just want what's best for you.  But every now and then you want something that you're not supposed to have.  Everybody does it, just don't get caught!  Here's our top ten things not to let your nutritionist find out about:

Whether you call it "Soda", "Pop", or "Cola", this sweet, carbonated beverage is off limits! At least until you're out of sight from the team nutritionist.

Don't get caught skipping your veggies.  Every nutritionist will tell you to add color to your plate and they don't mean every flavor of Starburst Candy.

Speaking of... CANDY!!! CANDY!!! CANDY!!! We get it, it's not just the nutritionist that tells you to stay away from these delightful dandies.  Your dentist doesn't want to hear about what you munch on during movies either! 

Definitely don't be seen ordering a #2 Extra Sized, from your favorite Fast Food drive thru!

Doughnuts...Glazed...Frosted...Sprinkles...Jelly....Boston Cream...  Excuse me, I need to run to Krispy Kreme really quick. Be right back!

Late night snacks are a big "no, no" per your nutritionist.  But am I the only one who's stomach sounds like it's making it's own album as soon as it's time to lay down? 

Your nutritionist doesn't want to hear that Orlando Pride won the day before and you got 50% off your Papa John's pizza!  Hide that stuff!!! 

Beware of beverages for the 21+ crowd! Attending your BFF's Bridal Shower this weekend? Make sure no posts of you during the champagne toast get posted on SnapChat or you'll be doing laps until you puke at the next practice!

We know you ate great all day and you've earned the right to order dessert! We're just suggesting you make sure you snag that booth in the corner and wear a hat when you do. That's all!

And the #1 thing you don't want your nutritionist to find about is....being lazy on your water intake. But seriously, it's hot out there. STAY HYDRATED!