The Crown: The Art and Soul of Tifo Making

As a supporter club it is our job to create an environment that invokes passion, support, energy and intimidation. We can do that in many ways. Possibly the easiest way to do that is to have as many people as possible standing beside one another on "The Wall" chanting, screaming, waving flags or poping smoke for 90 plus minutes every game.

Another way to do this is through art, such as 2 poles and tifo's. As a supporter club, we have the unique opportunity to show the club and players our support through tifo's. A tifo is essentially a large banner that is displayed for a couple of minutes, typically as the game is beginning or about to begin. When we begin to prepare for a tifo there are a lot of things to consider. Some of which are: design, size, location to trace/paint, money, and of course man power to complete the process.


There are several things to consider when we begin to design a tifo. Such as:

  •  Who is going to design it?
  •  What is the concept going to be based on?
  •  How long do we have to complete the project.
  •  Who approves the design?
  •  Who is allowed to design a tifo?

The Crown leadership is always looking for talented individuals to design tifo's. We have several people who have helped in this process and we are grateful for that. We love input, direction, ideas and art from others. The concept for a tifo can be dictated by many things such as, Inaugural game, first game in the new stadium, who we are playing or even by significant current events. Last year, after the tragedy at The Pulse night club, we decided to not only support our club but also show the community our support by designing and displaying a tifo at our next home game. Tifo's can be designed to show club support, mock or make fun of the opposing team, etc. Time to complete the tifo can dictate the design. The more complex the design the longer it takes. As a leadership team, we all agree on designs. Typically the process, design, ideas and organization of the tifo goes through me initially and then it is approved by leadership. All designs have to be approved through the Orlando Pride front office as well. If you have a design idea or you are an artist and would like to help in the design process please contact Chris Watson, The Crown Secretary, at


The size of a tifo is dictated by the size of "The Wall". During our inaugural season at Camping World Stadium the tifo was held by the supporters above their heads, with the largest tifo to date being 50' wide by 60' long. At our new stadium, we will have rigging that will hoist the tifo up. This is a huge benefit and will prove to display our designs better. The rigging will dictate the size of our tifo's from this point on.


Tracing and/or painting the tifo is always a difficult task. Mainly, due to the size of the tifo, as well as, the time it takes to trace and paint the design. The large tifo we completed last year took approximately 18 man hours to trace and probably close to 60 man hours to paint. The location size is critical and of course an inside location is best, because of how unpredictable the weather can be. If you have a location we can use please contact Chris Watson, The Crown Secretary, at


There is not much to say here. Tifo material, paint, brushes, tape, etc. can get expensive. We plan to do a few fundraisers this year to offset the costs.  Or, if you want to donate a few hundred dollars, we will not tell you no.

Man/Women/Kid Power

From design, tracing, painting and displaying the tifo we need as many hands as possible. Tracing is the most tedious part of the process and needs attention to detail. (So this is not for the little ones). When it comes time to paint, it's basically paint by number. Some designs, if they are more detailed, may not be kid friendly. However, we will do our best to let the whole family be involved. I loved watching my 4 and 8 year old paint last year. They loved it. A display team is also needed on game day. Once we see the rigging system we will have a better idea on how many people we will need each time we have a tifo. Just to give you an idea I am a member of The Ruckus and we along with the ILF just painted a tifo for Orlando City's first game of the season and there was probably close to 50 adults helping paint. The turn out was great and helped to move the process along. I would love to see this dedication from The Crown this year.