Soccer Family: The Ultimate Tailgate Checklist

Who doesn’t love tailgating? It’s a way to interact with fellow Orlando Pride fans while sipping on a beer, playing games, talking stats, and drowning in a sea of purple. While there are many ways to tailgate, whether it be at a bar or at a friend’s house, the best way to tailgate is outside the stadium! QueensCast wants to make sure your tailgating experience is the best possible so we created this little guide for you! 


First and foremost, you will eventually get to a point where you are exhausted from all the games and need to take a rest. Foldable chairs are your best friend. We recommend this chair which comes in purple & has a cup holder! What’s a folding chair’s best friend? A folding table of course. Try this table out & use it for alcohol, food, games, you name it! If you are saying “DUH” to both of the above suggestions, we are raising the ante. Do you have a canopy? Add that to your array of tailgating goods to look like the ultimate pro. 


Being an Orlando Pride fanatic can make you hungry. At some point, you’re going to need some grub to prepare you for the next few hours of tailgating and cheering. Try purchasing this portable grill for the perfect way to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, or veggie burgers! Naturally, all of these things should be followed by a bottle of water, a can of soda, or an ice cold beer! Don’t forget; in order to keep those beverages ice cold, you will need a cooler and ice in the Florida heat!  


Two tailgating favorites for young and old alike has to be the classic cornhole and horseshoe. Since it doesn’t require alcohol, it’s a fun way to include little ones in on the games. We recommend staying with the Orlando Pride theme and playing with purple and gold bags. If you are looking for a more adult focused tailgate game, try flip cup, beer pong, or kings! Check out this website for more game ideas.


Don’t stick out like a sore thumb; wear Pride colors to the game! There is a wide array of clothing to choose from and some great options can be found on the Orlando Pride Store. From shirts, shoes, purses, and accessories, we have found something for you! 

You are officially ready to tailgate by the Orlando Pride stadium! There is no better ambiance to surround yourself with to be in a great mood for the game. While this season is over, we are counting down the days to the new season and the new stadium! We are betting we break another record for attendance at a female soccer game! To stay up-to-date on everything Orlando Pride related, follow our QueensCast podcast!