Soccer Drills to Improve Passing

A key component to a soccer team's winning strategy is maintaining possession of the ball, and the only way to learn how to do that effectively is through passing. The team that is proficient in passing can establish a rhythm that enables them to score more goals, save energy, and influence the play. Passing, just like any other aspect of soccer, takes focus, teamwork, and, most importantly, practice. Orlando Pride soccer fanatics at QueensCast would like to share some drills to have your team passing like pros.

Pass and Move Drill

This drill will help you find your fastest players by testing the time it takes for them to pass four balls through a specific goal before they reach a time limit. As they run the ball to the goal from the center of the field, they have to pass the ball through a set of cones. This will encourage accuracy and speed in your team. 


Recycle the Ball Drill

This drill will help your team practice recycling the ball to create more opportunities for your team to score by teaching patience. When in possession, players need to wait for the best time to attack. Some newer members may try to get out of pressure too quickly, but by practicing with four players at a time and having them turn away from the direction of attack to pass to another teammate, players can practice this patience and possession. 

Receiving Under Pressure Circle Drill

Old advice dictates not to pass to a player who has a marker on them, but practice can make these passes possible and effective. For this drill form two circles. The inner circle will be the defenders, and the outer circle has the rest of the players. The goal of this drill is for the outer circle and a target player in the center to practice passing through defenders. This drill will teach all players how to improve their passing making these kind of shots under pressure a tool in your team’s arsenal. 

Unopposed Passing Drill

This drill is great for getting players used to simple passing without worrying about defenders or other obstacles. To execute this drill, use left, right, and center midfielders to practice passing all the way down the field with plenty of space between them before facing the goalie. This will improve accuracy and communication between players as they're forced to judge distances and shoot at the goal. 

By running these drills, your team can be improved by superior passing skills and make your opponents struggle to keep possession of the ball. Run these drills as much as you can, and watch your team become more cohesive and solid than ever before. If you want more news on the game, listen to our Orlando Pride soccer podcast!

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