Coaches Corner: Three Drill Types to Refine Dribbling

One of the most important skills in soccer is dribbling. When you are an effective dribbler, you can move across the field, pass, and strike, all while keeping possession of the ball. But just like any skill, dribbling takes practice. QueensCast, experts in all things Orlando Pride, has assembled three different types of drills that will help you improve your dribbling and conquer the field.

All in the Feet

A crucial part to dribbling is knowing how to utilize your entire foot: the outside, inside, sole, and laces. Laces are a good way to touch the ball and keep it close to your body while moving forward, and the outside, inside, and sole are better for turning and passing. Practice dribbling and find out what area of your foot works best for you in differing circumstances. Dance with the ball or travel across the field to learn which parts of your foot work best, and keep in mind which parts of your foot you tend to use for other drills and switch it up if need be. Check out some more fast feet drills to perfect your handling of the ball.


One of the most effective ways to practice dribbling is simply running up and down a soccer field while dribbling the ball. But, for learning how to dribble in certain situations, cones can be a great tool for making drills. Spread the cones far apart and practice traveling distances while dribbling or arrange the cones tightly to practice dribbling when space is limited. By practicing a variety of drills, you’ll learn how to dribble effectively no matter if you have an entire field to cross or half a dozen players to fend off. Grab some durable cones and get to work on some effective drills!

Speed and Balance

For good dribbling, it’s important to also have good balance and speed. If your dribbling is fast with balance to match, it’s much more difficult for opposing players to steal away the ball, and when you’re the fastest dribbler on the field, then you are in a prime position to attack with success. However, you must match balance with your speed to stay in control of the ball, whether you are passing or traveling down the field. To improve your speed and balance, try doing drills where you make passes with a teammate as you both charge down the field or where you try to keep possession of the ball while a teammate acts as opposition and tries to steal the ball away. Check out these tips that Manchester United’s Ashley Young suggests!

Dribbling is an integral part of soccer. By running these kinds of drills every day, you’ll see your dribbling improve drastically, and in turn, you’ll become a more powerful and effective player. Learn more about improving your game with QueensCast’s news on everything Orlando Pride!