The Crown: Chants - Get Into the Game!

Imagine it's game day....

The flags are waving!  The drums are beating!  And our supporters are CHANTING!

You can see it, hear it, and almost smell it.  Supporters can make or break the atmosphere at every match.  Orlando City SC players will tell you that the electricity from "The Wall" can revitalize the game, even at the lowest moments.  Hundreds of supporters pile in each game, with the intention of losing their voice for the love of their team.  But you don't have to be in the supporters section to join in on the fun.  Whether you're sitting on "The Wall", the South Side, or Club side, it doesn't matter.  We're all there for the same thing.  To cheer our team to victory!

So get ready for the 2017 Orlando Pride season!  Print out The Crown's chant cards and help us let the away teams know why Orlando has the best supporters in the NWSL!  LET'S SCORE!