QueensCast Top Ten: Soccer Girl Problems

Being a soccer girl means you're athletic, part of a squad, and never bored.  But there are a few common problems that come with the territory.  We've named a few, but feel free to let us know if your favorite was left out.

TANLINES! By mid season your legs look like an ombre experiment gone wrong.


You can never be without them, but your wrist looks like you were bound and tortured for days.

LONG HAIR!  You're not really sure why you even have it, since it's alway pulled up.

Trying to walk the day after a conditioning session.

Literally, you're ALWAYS hungry!!!

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You only own training gear.  Forget about dressing up.

 Someone offers you the "wrong" color Gatorade.

"I CAN'T I HAVE PRACTICE" becomes your mantra.

The face you make when Coach tells you to bring your running shoes to practice.

Icebaths...do we need to elaborate?

Did your favorite SGP make the list?  If not, hit us up at thequeenscast@gmail.com and tell us yours!