Gearing Up For the Winter


Winter has been creeping up on Central Florida ever so slowly, although they’re met with little windows of heat during the day. With that being said, it’s essential to layer up on cold weather-training gear. QueensCast is here with a guide to help you defend your head, shoulders, knees, and toes from Jack Frost.

It’s important to find the proper cold weather gear and dress like an onion. Find clothing with ventilation that moves away moisture from sweaty skin. The air flow will help evaporate sweat quickly so you aren’t running around in a sweat-soaked top. Additionally, wear clothes in thin layers so throughout a game or training you can add or take off layers of clothing when needed, kind of like an onion.


Your noggin is one of those extremities that let 40 percent of your body heat escape. Find a reliable beanie, headband, or earmuffs to keep the cold from nipping at your ears during your training sessions. Ones that are made from acrylic help create a snug fit and keep the warmth in!


As noted earlier, you want to keep your core warm but don’t want to be running through the cold covered in sweat. Find compression fabric that will absorb moisture and enhance air circulation while keeping you warm. Brands like Under Armour’s ColdGear and Nike’s HyperWarm are your perfect match.


Additionally, Under Armour and Nike have training tights and compression pants featuring soft, thermal fabrics for a comfortable feel. You don’t have to shop these particular stores, however, because most athletic stores have their own brand as well! In addition to compression pants, have normal joggers, sweats, or a fleece blanket on hand to stay extra warm while you rest between sessions or games!


Those socks you got for Christmas might have a great purpose after all. Keep extra socks in your bag to replace wet socks. It will make a world of difference when you take a break, and you’ll be happy that you did.


To keep your hands protected, carry gloves at all times. Nothing is worse when you’re goalie and it feels like you just caught a brick with your frozen hands. Always keep your blood pumping even in the smallest of extremities. Another great idea is to buy hot packs to put in gloves or cleats

Preparing for the cold will not only help you stay comfortable while you play, but it will prevent you from catching an illness. Keep up with your health during the winter by drinking lots of fluids, getting rest, and eating healthy! Kudos to you if you’re having hot chocolate after all that training in the cold! For more tips, tricks, and all things soccer, check out the rest of the QueensCast blogs!