A Guide for Your New Soccer Player (Part 2)

soccer-goalie (1).jpg

With the basics under your belt, you’re ready to learn the positions of the game! Sure, you’ve been to an Orlando City game, but do you know the positions by name? QueensCast is here to help! With this lingo down, you’ll be ready to keep track of your child on the soccer field!

There are four main positions on the field. These can be divided up into more specific positions, but your child is most likely in a youth league and positions will be kept general. The positions are:

Goalkeepers — Goalkeepers are also known as “goalie” or “keeper” for short. Goalies are the only players allowed to handle the ball with their hands. They are restricted to a penalty area that’s 18 yards to the left and right of the goal. If your child plays goalkeeper, congratulations! They’ll typically have a different color jersey and always be in the same spot, making them very easy to keep track of.

Defenders — Right in front of the goalie stand the defenders, also called “backs” or “fullbacks.” As a defender, your child might play left, right, or center of the field. Their main job is to stop the opponent from kicking goals by covering the opposing players and trying to take possession of the ball. In the case that the goalie blocks a kick, it’s then the job of the defenders to grab the ball and make the counter-attack.

Midfielders — Also known as “mids,” “middies,” and “halfbacks,” Midfielders hold down the entire middle of the field, in front of the defenders. Middies must be strong defenders and offenders, as their position is used to both keep and take back the ball when necessary!

Forwards — Perched closer to the opponent goal stand the forwards, ready to attack! These players are typically first to regain possession, and are then responsible for scoring and creating opportunities for their team to score. These players must be sharp and quick on their feet to adjust during the fast-paced game.

There you have it! You’ll be wowing the other team moms at the next game as you explain each position and what they do. Goals are kicked by one player, but each kid on the team serves a vital role in making that happen! For more tips, tricks and all things soccer, check out the rest of the QueensCast blogs!