Young Athletes and the Balancing Act


It’s tough for any athlete to balance the constant ebb and flow of life. For professionals, the mix of appearances, games, practice, and a social life is a tough act to perfect. For young athletes, the main issue results from having to balance schoolwork and competitive soccer. The women’s soccer experts at QueensCast are here to give you some tips to help ease the stress that can come from being overworked in school and on the field.

When it comes to education, every parent hopes that their child will be the next Elon Musk. And when it comes to soccer, every parent hopes that their child will be the next Lionel Messi. While not every kid can be the best at everything, it’s important to keep the expectations realistic for your young player.

It’s easy for children to pick up on frustration, and losing a game or failing a test can be the end-all for a child’s patience level. Rather than riding their back until they win a game or get an A, empower your child to be their best. It’s imperative that a busy kid feels support from their family. Here are some ways to empower and not doubt your child’s smarts and ability:

Always Strive to Be Better

The one thing you should always encourage our young athlete to do is to strive to be better. This doesn’t mean to strive for perfection, it just simply means that your best today should not be your best tomorrow. As humans, we must grow, adapt, and be better than we were. This is an easy mantra to teach your child that will stick with them through school and athletics.

Carry Your Dreams

The wise old saying “chase your dreams,” is something every parent tries to foster within their child. Have you thought about the benefits of your child carrying their dreams instead?

If your child is passionate about school and passionate about sports, let’s ensure that they keep it beside them at all times. Sometimes when we chase dreams, we are chasing perfection, and when you don’t reach that ultimate goal quickly, it can become taxing, especially for young children. Instead, encourage them to believe in their dreams and to carry it with them, so they know that working hard is more important than winning.

At the end of a long day, be sure to encourage your child to practice, to work hard, and to overcome any obstacles that may stand in their way. When it comes to the balancing act of school and soccer, the women’s soccer experts at QueensCast think it’s best to focus on passion and dedication, rather than perfection and winning.