Reward Now $100,000 in Orlando Suspect Manhunt

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Master Sargent Debra Clayton, of the Orlando City Police Department, and Deputy First Class Norman Lewis, of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.  Both lost their lives, in the line of duty, Monday morning.

Currently, the manhunt is still underway for the suspect, Markeith Loyd, who is accused of shooting Master Sargent Debra Clayton outside a local Walmart.  The reward has been increased to $100,000 as hundreds of law enforcement officers scramble to find this "armed and dangerous" man.

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Anyone w/info please call 1-800-423-TIPS

"The Orlando Police Department, the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the FBI, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, homeland security, the U.S. marshals -- everyone is working to capture him," Orlando Police Chief, John Mina said earlier.