Coach Tom Sermanni: Thoughts on the Game and Season

“I could probably answer both of those in one. Firstly, I’d just like to thank all the local journalists, print, radio and TV people for the great support that we’ve had this season through thick and thin. I know when it’s tough times it’s tough for everybody so I appreciated coming in here and getting your continued support. Thanks and hopefully we’ll do better for you next year.

As I said I can probably answer those questions two in one. I think tonight’s game probably summed up some of my thoughts for the season. I felt at halftime in the first half in particular we controlled the game, dominated the game, we were in control of the game, we looked comfortable, had really good passages of soccer, probably didn’t create enough for the amount of possession we had. In the spells where we either switch off or we lose a little bit of momentum we can see goals and tonight was a typical game and that’s been probably the story for particularly the second half of the season when basically the game tonight, the game against Sky Blue, the last home game and others, Portland here, that we’ve managed to actually lose the game from a position of winning. I think if anything that has made the season a little bit frustrating from my perspective.

The effort and commitment from the players has been outstanding in every game we’ve played. They’ve never thrown the towel in, they’ve never given up. If we can just turn these close defeats into some victories, then I think we can have a successful season next year.”