5 Keys To Playing In The Rain

Rain is just one of the several weather conditions that you have to deal with if you live in Florida. Whether you like it or not, storms come and go as they please, no matter what you have planned for your day. An Orlando Pride game is no exception. Game day is here, and as you look up at the sky, all you pray for is that it doesn’t start raining until the game is over. But we all know that our friend Murphy and his laws will never fail us. It’s going to rain, and you better be ready to perform at your best. It’s just water; what could possibly go wrong, right?

Even though playing in the rain can be fun, it can affect the score drastically. Rain changes the surface you play on, turning the grass into mud that becomes slippery. In order to adapt to this “wet and wild” scenario, players will need to change some of their techniques accordingly. Here are some key tips to playing in the rain like the ladies of the Orlando Pride.

  • Grab a Towel: If you are the goalkeeper, having a towel handy during the game can save the game. This will help to maintain your dry gloves so you don’t miss the ball just because of a slick surface.
  • Increase Your Pace on the Ball: Rain will make your ball heavier, so you’ll have to increase the intensity that you kick the ball with. Playing a more direct style of game during rainy days will also help.
  • Try the Slide Tackle: This particular type of move is easier to execute on a rainy day. When the surface is dry, some players will try to avoid using this technique in fear of getting grass burns. However, on a wet surface, this skill can be used without the fear of grass burns so you can try to steal the ball from the other team.
  • Play Behind the Defense: Players will need to take more shots on goal and look to play the ball behind the defense more often than normal as it will help to prevent “sticky” mistakes. Oftentimes, defenders will make mistakes when passing the slicker ball to their keeper just because the ball may skip due to the wet surface. Defenders will need the support of the rest of their team more than ever.
  • Skipping: A wet surface will make the path of the ball unpredictable. Since the ball can bounce or skip at any time, being aware of this will help you to move faster to better handle the situation and react accordingly. 

While rain can be challenging, keeping some of these keys in mind can help you perform like one of our Orlando Pride stars. As always, don’t forget to stay hydrated before, during, and after the game. For more tips, trends, and latest news about our Orlando Pride team, don’t forget to stay tuned to our weekly podcasts and videos. Bookmark our blog today, and don’t miss a single thing. See you on the field!