Tom Sermanni: Orlando Pride vs Washington Spirit

“We knew we were coming up against a team that was at the top of the league and in really good form. They have had a really consistent lineup for some time, so we knew it was going to be a very difficult game tonight. We knew with the wind in the first half that we were going to be under pressure. We actually felt comfortable most of the time and we really got comfortable when they scored the goals. That was a real disappointment giving that goal away from basically nothing, so it made life a little difficult for us.

I thought we started the second half well and then gave another goal away on a silly counterattack. We got ourselves behind the eight ball after about 60 minutes. The injection of the two substitutes made a difference. I think we played with a lot of passion and a lot of commitment in the last 30 minutes and really got ourselves back in the game. We had two or three chances to score and equalize. Overall, I was pleased with the effort of the team. They leave everything on the field.

The next stage in our development is looking at the quality of the execution, decision-making, the tempo of our passing, and our support play; those are all things we need to refine and do better with. I was happy with the effort, but disappointed with the result. At least we are showing that we’re competitive with, at the moment, the best team in the competition.”