3 Tips for Your New Soccer Player

Now that school is back in full swing, your child may have recently joined a soccer team, whether it be at school, in a recreational league, or in a competitive league. But, what if they’ve never played soccer before? A lot of other kids are in that same boat, but you can do research and take part in preparation so your child doesn’t look like an amateur when he or she steps onto the soccer field. You may think that understanding the tactics is the most important part of the game, but it’s really the commitment to soccer and understanding the basics that will allow your child to flourish in this new sport. Here are some tips to help your new soccer player start on a high note.

Increase Your Speed of Play.

Speed of play, or playing quickly, is an important fundamental that most professional soccer players have down pat. It’s one of the biggest separators between amateur and professional soccer players. Quick decision making and fewer touches can bring your game to a new level.

Work Harder Off the Ball.

If you want to be an effective playmaker, then you must be willing to work hard off of the ball. You definitely want your movement off of the ball to be as strong as your movement on the ball. You’ll want to strategically move, even when you don’t have the ball, around the field.

Play Forward When Possible.

Many soccer players are hesitant to pass the ball forward or to dribble the ball in a forward direction because they don’t want to lose possession. But, in order to get big rewards, you must be able to make big risks. Don’t force the ball forward if you don’t need to or if there are no options.

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