It’s Getting Hot - Have You Tried Indoor Soccer?

The temperatures in Central Florida are outrageous in the summer time and playing soccer outside can be challenging. The high temperatures plus the common Florida afternoon storms are both key factors that can attribute to a player's performance. Indoor soccer facilities are the perfect alternatives for players who, like our Orlando Pride team, want to enjoy soccer to the fullest, rain or shine.

Indoor soccer is a great option not only for players that would like to keep playing during the off season but also for those who just need a change of scenery. Today, we explore some of the benefits of playing indoor soccer over outdoor soccer. Ready?

  1. Minimal Stoppages: Indoor soccer is a faster-paced environment with minimal stoppages. The walls around the indoor landscape do not allow for the ball or the players to go as far as they would in an outdoor field. This will leave the players with only a few breaks and with the ball in constant action.
  2. More Time on The Ball: As a consequence of the compact field, indoor games offer the players more chances in touching the ball. This is a great advantage that many soccer players can benefit from to improve their quick passing and ball control skills.  
  3. Improved Power & Endurance: In this nonstop environment, players will improve their fitness levels, which will help to develop short bursts of speed. Indoor soccer can result in developing quicker speed of play due to the smaller size of the field.
  4. Force Players to Play in Different Positions: Since indoor soccer allows fewer players on the field, between six to eight, the chances to play in different positions are bigger which will help your child improve his or her individual skills. Indoor soccer provides the player with the opportunity to experience defending and attacking roles.
  5. Stay in Shape: The season never truly ends with indoor soccer. When fall comes into full swing, those who are serious about the game can continue their training, and, more importantly, stay in shape. Since conditioning is so crucial for players, when the new season begins, your child will be an improved player ready to fully perform on the field.

Whether you are playing indoor or outdoor soccer, don’t forget to stay hydrated and to keep a healthy diet to perform to the fullest on the field. To avoid climate elements, to keep playing during off season, or to simply improve your child’s game, joining an indoor soccer league is the perfect opportunity for your children to become a soccer star like the ones on our Orlando Pride team.

Here are some of the indoor alternatives in the Central Florida area for you to check out: