The Best Places to Tailgate Before an Orlando Pride Game

While going to an Orlando Pride game is an experience in and of itself, you definitely need a place for pre- and post-game fun in order to fully immerse yourself into the Orlando Pride experience. We know that hitting up some of the downtown bars may sound fun if you’re of age, but many people are attending the Pride Game with their families, and they need an alternative in order to enjoy the pre-game festivities.

The Crown Tailgating Experience

The Crown, one of Orlando Pride’s most prominent supporter groups, organizes tailgates around three hours before a game. Food is provided, and they request a donation in order to eat in order to keep it all going. They also sell merchandise, and you can purchase a membership during the tailgate if you’re interested in joining The Crown. The best part is the entire supporter group enters the game together, making as much noise as possible, to show the team members of Orlando Pride that they have their fans behind them. To find out where the tailgate is being held, visit The Crown’s Facebook page.

Host Your Own Tailgate

There are several lots you can park around the new and improved Camping World Stadium, and within those lots, you can bring your own tailgate essentials.

  • Bring a tent to make sure you have some shade from the sun or some cover from the rain.
  • Don’t forget some fold-out sport chairs so you can sit and relax.
  • Bring a small charcoal grill so that you can grill some burgers and hot dogs while you wait for the game to start.
  • A cooler full of refreshing drinks, like beer, water, and Gatorade, is also a necessity.
  • Lastly, many people forget about the small stuff like ice, cups, plates, napkins, and condiments, so make sure those are on your list to bring as well.

Outside the Stadium

There are several vendors and tailgating games that are set right outside of the stadium, so make sure you get there early to see what there is to offer. Typically, you’ll find food trucks, games, vendors giving away swag, and more right around the entrance to the stadium, so make sure you leave early enough to check it all out!

Post-Game & Watch Parties

After the game is over, you definitely will want to hit up some of the places that have post-game celebrations. You can keep the party going by going to Elixir, Hagan O’Reilly’s, Harry Buffalo, The Hammered Lamb, or Wall St. Plaza, all approved pub locations. These are also perfect locations for when the Orlando Pride is playing a match away, and you want to catch the game with fellow fans.

Stay Updated

The most important thing is to stay updated so that you can be in the loop on the exciting events and tailgating opportunities that surround the Orlando Pride games. You can do that by joining The Crown and liking their Facebook page. Also, make sure to follow Orlando Pride on all social media channels for any updates, as well as QueensCast, as we will always have the latest and the greatest on all things Orlando Pride.

All in all, there are plenty of places to tailgate prior to an Orlando Pride game, so make sure you plan accordingly. No matter where you decide to tailgate, make sure you practice responsible drinking and you put safety first. Also, don’t forget that Magruder Laser Vision will be available to at our tent outside the stadium supporting our Orlando Pride soccer team, so be sure to stop by and say hi!