AwayDaysYT – Hops the Pond for the "City Beautiful"

We had a fan pass this video along from Away Days — a vlog video series created by an amazingly impassioned fan Ellis – "I vlog a different football match every week. 5000 subscribers so far."

The great takeaways from this video are many:

  • Ellis is entertaining and gives great narration about MCO and OCSC
  • He feels throughout this video the MLS is a legitimate league
  • He loves the Orlando fanbase, supporters and American approach to our games — that's a good thing!

We love watching this perspective as often we become unknowingly complacent about our surroundings, our facilities (and it's not even our new pitch) and teams. We should NEVER forget how special our Soccer Club(s) is and what they've become. Vamos Orlando!

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