Numbero UNO! Kickstarting the Throne!

What’s up everyone?!  I am so excited to get this blog out to everyone that supports and follows the Orlando Pride!  Here, we are going to keep you posted on everything related to the team and some of the happenings around the country with women’s soccer. 

When the staff of Magruder Laser Vision told me about this project I was so blown away that a doctor was this passionate about MLS, NWSL and the community. I can't wait for everyone to meet them too, their rapidly becoming futbol aficionados! That said, I'm thankful that we all share this vision and can create something great for Orlando and fans of the Orlando Pride.

My team and I are going to be attending games, practices, post-game conferences, and events so that you can be in the loop with whatever is going on with our Pride ladies!  We just recorded our first podcast for QueensCast last night and I was so surprised with the amount of jitters I got beforehand!  Am I the only one that really hates hearing myself on anything?!  It’s the worst!  But honestly, I can’t wait to continue this project and see where it takes me. Come at me with jokes and criticisms so that I can improve my podcasting!  It would be very much appreciated and I love a good laugh. (: 

What I would also appreciate is if you had any suggestions on topics that we can bring up for our upcoming shows. Because there are no games going on right now, we have the opportunity to build content based off of what YOU guys want to hear and/or talk about. Honestly, I can go on rants about ANYTHING, so please let me know on here, or on Facebook, what it is you’re interested in and perhaps we’ll bring it up on QueensCast. Who knows maybe you can even get on the show with me and we can talk about it together! ;) 

There are a lot of cool events going on right now that you guys should check out.  While we patiently await our Orlando Pride games, OCSC is starting out their season and it’ll be a great way to meet each other and get excited for the upcoming NWSL season.  I’ll be attending a lot of the Orlando City Soccer Club events and I’ll be using Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. (you name it!) for all of them!  So, come out, get hyped, let’s get a beer, and just watch this beautiful sport we all love!  There’s a game tomorrow, Orlando City’s last preseason game, so let me know if you’re there.  I’ll be there and it’d be great to meet you all! (: 

Like I said before, I really want to hear from YOU!  So, write me and tell me what you are most excited about this upcoming NWSL season?  Is it a specific rookie that you are excited to see?  Are you stoked for the tailgating parties before the games?  To express your love for Alex Morgan?  I really want to know!  Write us and maybe we’ll bring it up next show; you might even get a shout out! 

My next post will probably be on the OCSC preseason game against, the Brazilian club, Esparto Clube Bahia and my experience there.  I’m hoping that I after that, I can go more into the roster of the Orlando Pride; my first podcast was a very basic introduction to positions and the girls, so I feel like writing about it would really allow everyone to learn more about each player and their backgrounds.  I also draw blanks when I’m nervous. D: 

Seriously, don’t be scared to write me! I hope to see you all at the match tomorrow! GO LIONS! GO QUEENSCAST!