The Benefits of Watching the Pros to Youth Soccer Players

Did you know that more than 65% of people are visual learners? So when a coach is explaining something verbally, youth players may become frustrated that they can’t grasp the concept the coach is telling them. For this reason and others, youth players can reap benefits from watching professional games, in addition to their regular practices. QueensCast is breaking down the benefits of bringing your soccer player to watch an Orlando Pride game and talking about how it can actually improve your player’s own performance!

When viewing a soccer game, your attention is naturally drawn to the person in control of the ball. Encourage your youth soccer player to instead focus on the players surrounding the ball and how they are positioning themselves throughout the entire field. The players setting up around the field are just as important as the player in control of the ball. Watching the player’s movement in relation to the ball for both offense and defense can give your child an idea of how they may need to move on the field when facing similar situations. Also, while watching a professional game, you are able to watch the entire field instead of focusing on the players directly around you.

How to react in certain situations is a great lesson that can be learned by watching pros too. Encourage your youth player to actively analyze the game by taking notes or asking them questions about the plays that are happening live. This will keep their brain working but in a fun way. Another lesson they can take away from watching the pros is their reaction to when they make a mistake. When a pro misses a goal or loses the ball, they rarely let it break their focus.  They let the moment pass and get their heads back into the game! Point this out to your child so they can realize that everyone makes mistakes, even the professionals. When they make a mistake during the game, they’ll know to stay focused and keep their momentum going.

In addition to the benefits your players can have by observing the whole game and the interactions on the entire field, it’s a great opportunity for a team building experience! Whether it’s watching a game on TV or attending an Orlando Pride game, when the whole team comes together to cheer for a common cause it boosts morale and becomes a bonding experience.

Next time your family attends an Orlando Pride game, remember that it can actually benefit your child more than just being a fun experience! Point out plays and ask questions throughout the game to keep your child focused on the game and absorbing all the different aspects the game has to offer. Keep an eye out for QueensCast, too, who will be around the tailgate and game interviewing fans of all ages