How Can I Help My Child Get Better at Soccer?

Many parents just want their children to excel at whatever they set their mind to. While that hope is good to have, you can help you child be closer to becoming an elite soccer player, like our Orlando Pride players. It is not up to the coaches alone to help your child become an elite soccer player, and there is a lot of instruction and direction that can come from the parents to help point children in the right direction. Let’s look at some tips that you can follow to help your child be better at soccer.

Don’t Rely on Practices Alone

Don’t think that the practices your child attends for his or her team will be enough to make your child better at soccer. Your child will need to embrace soccer in other aspects of his or her life in order to get better.

Improve Your Passion for the Game

Do you watch any soccer on TV? If not, then your child will not be able to embrace some of the skill sets and behaviors that elite, professional soccer players possess. Watching games on television can help your child analyze the game from a big picture perspective. It helps them understand why defense is important, how the goalkeeper’s behavior helps manage the team, and how teams play in the middle and front.

Embrace the Game Wholeheartedly

You can embrace the game by having conversations about professional soccer with your child. Talk about league standings, players, current events, tactics used, etc. Your child will be fond of that bonding time with you, and it can help grow their passion for the game even more.

Go to Games

Go to professional or college games with your child. Being there and up close can definitely get your child more fired up and motivated to become an elite player. Being a fan is almost as important as being a great player.

There are several things you can do with your child to push them in the right direction of becoming an impassioned, elite player, but it does start with you. For more information on soccer and the Orlando Pride, follow and subscribe to QueensCast.