Interview with a Referee


We’ve heard from youth coaches, youth parents, and the youths themselves - but we haven’t heard from the referees. Are you curious about the rules of Orlando women’s soccer, considering becoming a referee, or just interested in knowing what they’re all about? We’re here to explore what refs have to say about the world of youth soccer.

What are the qualifications for becoming a referee?

According to Daniel J., a referee in Orlando for more than 10 years, you can start your refereeing career at age 13. As for the maximum age, it doesn’t exist! “I know 60 year-olds [and possibly older] still refereeing,” Daniel said. You have to pass a certification exam and undergo multiple physical tests to get certified as a referee.

The physical tests ensure you can do your job. Players aren’t the only ones who warm up before a game- most refs stretch and do light jogs. Daniel noted that “physical training is the easy part; mental [training] is tough. You have to know the Laws of the Game and their proper application in different scenarios and be prepared to make unpopular calls!”

What’s some advice you can offer parents?

Jeremy J., a new referee who started his reffing career at age 14, said that the best advice he can offer parents “is to just let the referees and coaches do their job. If your kid hears you getting mad, they’re going to get stressed and their performance can lack.”

Daniel offered his two-cents on parent involvement, saying that “a parent’s objective is to cheer for their team.”

How has your career impacted your life off the field?

Both Daniel and Jeremy agreed that refereeing has made a huge impact on their lives. “The biggest impact has come off the field, with the friendships you make with players, coaches, and other referees. On the field, man management helps a lot in life. Learning yourself and how you react under pressure is also a major impact,” said Daniel.

Jeremy recalled a time where a fellow referee helped him become less nervous when he first started refereeing. He said the best advice he got was “to stay calm and take your time in calling the right call; it doesn’t have to be fast, just correct.”

Whether you’re interested in becoming a soccer referee in Florida or learning more about Orlando women's soccer, Queenscast loves to keep you up to date! Check out our blog for more tips and tricks.


QueensCast: Episode #89 — Looking mighty fine — Your golden kickoff to the 2018 NWSL Season has arrived


Preseason is Over! Kickoff Week is HERE! Luis on the League! And Orlando Pride Media Day — are you kidding me??? This show's packed full of so much goodness, just reading this has exceeded your recommended daily allowance of AWESOMENESS! This show is like cooking on LAVA — best watch what we're doing or you're gunna' bet burned! Something-something: #LETSSCORE

Christine Nairn Finds Euphoria Off the Pitch



Christine Nairn may be new to the Orlando Pride, but she’s not new to the sport of women’s soccer. She’s made over 100 NWSL appearances, between Seattle Reign FC and the Washington Spirit. Additionally, she spent two off-seasons with Melbourne Victory of Australia’s Westfield W-League. 

Off the field, she’s a passionate entrepreneur. Nairn, along side her partner Caitlin Friend, started Finding Euphoria in July of 2017. They wanted to create a brand that inspires all people to push boundaries, dream big, and find their euphoria. They wanted to challenge individuals to explore life and see what makes them passionate about waking up each and every morning.

Luis and Jay recently sat down with Christine and she was more than happy to talk about her brand. Here's what she had to say, "The premise behind it was, we're both athletes, professional athletes, so much of our time is dictated to working on our game, finding our craft and our strengths and weaknesses and working on that. But away from the game, who are we as people? I think that is something everyone struggles with no matter if you're a professional athlete, whether you're a teenager, whether you're older. So I think that the more of a focus that we can have on finding your happiness and finding what makes you tick, as a person, will help you and the people around you have a better life."

Check out Finding Euphoria's shop for a cute collection of beanies, bracelets, and shirts. They've just released a brand new short sleeve shirt in honor of the move to Orlando. The "FE ORL Tee" is only $25 and is appropriately within club color. Making it perfect for game day! Let's Score!

Your Rainy Day Soccer Guide


Although Florida is the Sunshine State, it also happens to be the lightning capital of the country. As the rainy season approaches, there will be plenty of days when your budding soccer player is excited to kick the ball around, but the weather is wet, gray, and unsafe. Luckily, the women’s soccer experts at Queenscast have a rainy day guide to get you and your soccer fanatic through the storm!

First things first, how do you practice your soccer skills when you can’t go outside because of the dreadful weather? Try an indoor game!

  • Living Room Soccer: One way you can practice your soccer skills during a storm is to bring the game into your living room. If your outdoor nets are on the smaller side, bring them inside before it begins to rain. If you prefer to keep your gear outside, set up a goal using any two objects (cones, plastic cups, two chairs, or even tape). Move any breakables out of the living room and organize one-on-one matches or a solo practice session!

If you’re hesitant to sacrifice your living room to a full-fledged match, suggest your child practices their drills inside. You can always use softer soccer balls, like a foam ball or a fabric ball, to minimize any damage risks. Here are some easy drills your child can practice indoors:

  • Figure 8 Dribbling: Set up two objects (such as cones, chairs, or pillows) with enough space to create a clear figure 8 path. Your child can work on dribbling throughout the 2 objects, focusing on keeping their turns tight and the ball close.

  • Inside/Outside Touches: This classic dribbling technique translates perfectly for indoors. Line up 8-10 small objects (again, cones or cups work perfectly) far enough apart that there is room to wiggle the ball between them. Then, practice the drill the same way you would outside. Using one foot, weave the ball through the cones alternating between the outside and the inside of your foot. At the end of the line, switch to the other foot.

  • Monster Invasion: Mark out a space in your living room that’s roughly 5 steps by 5 steps. Your child will then dribble the ball inside the designated space as you (or another player) try to steal the ball away. This drill teaches ball control, especially under pressure. To make the “monster” come to life, drag your leg, make monster noises, or scary and silly faces.

While there’s no replacement for the soccer field, this rainy day guide can help make those gloomy days a little more fun. For more soccer tips, drills, and family fun, the Orlando women’s soccer experts at Queenscast have you covered - rain or shine.

Fanatics, Orlando City SC Announce New Long-Term Omnichannel Retail Partnership

 Rendering: Orlando City SC

Rendering: Orlando City SC

Orlando City SC and Fanatics, the global leader for licensed sports merchandise, announced a new long-term retail partnership as the Club kicked off its fourth Major League Soccer (MLS) campaign on Saturday, March 3, at Orlando City Stadium. Fanatics, which has operated e-commerce for the team since they joined the League in 2015, has taken over in-venue operations and created a seamless omnichannel experience for fans whether shopping for merchandise and apparel online, on their phone or at the new team merchandise store at Orlando City Stadium.

"We are very pleased with the opportunity to bring the merchandise experience together for our fans,” said Orlando City SC Chief Revenue Officer Chris Gallagher. “This ongoing and growing relationship with Fanatics will help us improve their experience in our stadium and provide them with more retail options across our men and women’s teams."

In 2018, Orlando City Stadium will provide fans with a significantly enhanced gameday experience, featuring a completely renovated main team store and new concourse kiosks with an expanded assortment of team gear and apparel including jerseys, shirts, caps, scarves and more. Under the deal, Fanatics will also manage online and gameday retail for the Orlando Pride, the Club’s National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) team, set to begin their third campaign in late March. 

“We are excited to add Orlando City SC to our expanding in-venue roster, and to also debut new and improved stores and kiosks throughout Orlando City Stadium,” said Cole Gahagan, Fanatics Chief Commercial Officer. “Our innovative omnichannel retail experience will offer fans an even larger assortment of high quality products to show support for both Orlando City SC and the Orlando Pride.”

Last fall, Fanatics extended their long-term deal with MLS, highlighted by exclusive rights to produce a significantly expanded assortment of fan gear, headwear and hard goods across all retail and wholesale channels. Fans shopping across all devices and retail channels will now have access to real-time items to celebrate team milestones, incredible player feats and record-breaking performances, available on-demand through Fanatics’ agile supply chain and vertical manufacturing model.